Boosting Access and Awareness for SOAR Dispensary Across Mississippi

Our project with SOAR Dispensary was transformative in changing perceptions about medical marijuana and increasing its accessibility across Mississippi. With outlets in Oxford, Olive Branch, and Greenville, SOAR was keen to amplify its visibility and educate its communities about the healing potential of cannabis.

We began by focusing on the potential customers in Oxford. To effectively capture local search traffic and to drive engagement, we optimized their site with location-specific keywords such as ‘Medical Marijuana Dispensary Oxford, MS’ and implemented comprehensive SEO strategies. This drastically improved their ranking on search engine results pages, leading to a significant uptick in foot traffic.

Our attention then turned to the Olive Branch branch. We concentrated our efforts to market it as the ‘Cannabis Dispensary Olive Branch, MS’, tailoring the online content and ads to resonate with the local community.

Lastly, focusing on Greenville required a shift in strategy. The region had a higher level of skepticism towards medical marijuana. However, by positioning SOAR as Greenville’s leading ‘Marijuana Dispensary’, we began reaching and educating wary customers about the health benefits of cannabis, and dispelled common misconceptions.

Our multi-faceted approach resulted in a significant increase in SOAR’s brand visibility, web traffic, and footfall across all three locations.