Discover Exciting Activities to Do Near Cultivate Las Vegas!

When you think about Las Vegas, ‘fun’ is probably one of the first words that comes to mind. However, venturing beyond the bright casino lights, there is an abundance of exciting activities that dot the vicinity of the well-renowned Cultivate Las Vegas. From exhilarating circus shows to peaceful nature retreats, we’ve compiled some suggestions to make your trip to this vibrant city even more enriching.

Explore The Arts District: Also known as 18b, The Las Vegas Arts District is a burgeoning cultural hub, boasting a variety of unique art galleries, funky stores, and local restaurants. This is perfect for visitors who love immersing themselves in local culture and thriving art scenes.

Discover Neon Boneyard: For a neon-soaked stroll down memory lane, the Neon Boneyard offers an historical journey into the city’s heritage. Here, you’ll find a fascinating collection of retired Las Vegas signs telling stories of the city’s vibrant past. Remember to book in advance for this popular attraction.

Visit Red Rock Canyon: If you’re seeking a change of pace from the city’s energy, the Red Rock Canyon is the perfect sanctuary. With rock formations, waterfalls, and a spectrum of plant and animal life, visitors can enjoy nature trails, climbing, or even a scenic drive.

Go on a Gondola Ride at The Venetian: Experience a slice of Venice in Las Vegas! Enjoy a tranquil gondola ride along the Grand Canal, complete with singing gondolier, while surrounded by Venetian architectural replicas.

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Whether you’re on a quest for unusual activities or simply keen to explore the area near Cultivate Las Vegas, this city never ceases to amaze.